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Our Mission

Friends of Big Island Pond  (FBIP) is a non-profit, public charity working year round to protect the lake and watershed of Big Island Pond in Derry, Atkinson and Hampstead, New Hampshire through education, cooperation and collaboration with its members and the residents of the three towns touched by Big Island Pond. 

This mission includes: financing significant initiatives for weed control, dam maintenance and water testing to preserve and protect water quality and habitat, to educate and promote stewardship of these resources and to act as an advocate for sound environmental policies and practices.

Current weed control programs include: the use of dive teams; supplies, maintenance and operation of a Diver Assisted Suction Harvester (DASH) boat to remove subsurface milfoil from Big Island Pond; benthic barriers to prevent continued growth of milfoil; volunteer kayak teams for the surface removal of plant fragments. Funding for all activities will be by annual member contributions and independent donations.  

FBIP is a 501(c)(3) association, and manages an active donation campaign in order to expand its services and satisfy it's mission.

Proposed FBIP support includes maintenance and repair of the lake’s dam in Derry, flood control assistance, periodic water quality testing and reporting to state agencies, and providing improvements for shoreline protection and native habitat.  It will educate the public through publication, advertising, and distribution of state Department of Environmental Services (DES) materials on conservation, shoreline protection, and identification and curtailment of non-native invasive species.

Through its programs and services FBIP reflects its commitment to inform, educate and involve community, visitors, other organizations and appropriate governmental agencies and to take proactive steps to conserve Big Island Pond and its surroundings.

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