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There are many opportunities during the year to participate as a volunteer for both Friends projects and also those projects funded by FBIP grants.  If you would like to participate as a volunteer, please contact us and we would welcome your support.

Many employers provide matching donations to their employees charitable contributions.  When making a donation, please indicate whether you have a corporate matching donation. We can help you coordinate the match.

Becoming a Member is easy, when you are making a donation, simply direct $100 of your donation amount to "Membership", fill out the Membership Application, and after a review by the board, you will be approved as a voting member of FBIP.  In order to be a voting member, you must have private deeded access to Big Island Pond.  Any person or organization can be a non-voting, associate member by paying their $100 membership fee.

Please support the health of our lake and watershed.  It is your support that keeps our programs active and prospering.  



Once you are a voting member of Friends, you can be nomintated to serve as a director of FBIP.  The directors manage and lead the day to day mission and activities of FBIP

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