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Thank you for joining Friends of Big Island Pond. Your membership fee is fully tax deductible.

Membership in Friends of Big Island Pond is divided into “Voting Members” and “Associate Members.” The information provided on this one time application form is required to determine your eligibility as a member of Friends of Big Island Pond (FBIP). As part of that process, we will verify the information, communicate with you or your authorized representative, and determine your qualification as a Voting Member or Associate Member.


VOTING MEMBERS  Any person who has private deeded access to Big Island Pond, or such person's spouse who is 18 years of age or over, may become a voting member upon application to the Board of Directors and the payment of any dues and assessments currently in effect, provided there is no other existing Voting Member for that parcel. There is only one voting membership for each qualifying parcel of land.


ASSOCIATE MEMBERS  Any individual, municipality, organization or club in agreement with the purposes of this Association may become an associate member upon payment of any dues and assessments currently in effect. Associate members shall have no vote, and may not hold office.


VOTING RIGHTS  Only voting members in good standing are eligible to vote. Annual membership fees (currently $100) must be paid between July 1 and June 30. Failure to pay annual dues or assessments by June 30 shall result in loss of membership. Membership fees and/or membership applications postmarked after June 30 will be valid only toward voting privileges for the subsequent calendar year’s FBIP Annual Meeting.

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