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tax deductible as we are a 501(c)(3)

Some contribution options you may wish to consider:


Membership in Friends – We are encouraging our donors who contribute $100 or more to become a Friends of Big Island Pond "Member". Becoming an FBIP Member has the benefit of voting at annual meetings and becoming an active part of the organization.  If you wish to become a member, simply direct $100 of your donation amount to "Membership", fill out the Membership Application, and after a review by the board, you will be approved as a voting member of FBIP. If using PayPal, please also email and let us know to direct your donation towards your membership.


Recurring Pledge – Should you want to schedule your payment into an easy monthly payment, you can do so with PayPal.  When you setup your payment, simply click “Recurring”.  Some online banks also allow you to setup a recurring monthly payment.


Employer Match – Many companies match charitable donations made by their employees.  If yours does, inquire as to how you can do it. If they need anything from Friends, just ask.

Estate Planning – If you and your family would like to consider a donation on the event of one’s passing, Friends has secured the services of an attorney that will create an addendum to your current Will or Trust documents at no charge, naming a contribution to FBIP.  Please contact us to discuss this option.

Your support is crucial to the health of
our lake. Without your family, friends
and neighbors' generosity, vital 
programs could not happen, and the
beauty and enjoyment of Big Island 
Pond would suffer.  

Your generous donations fund:

  • Big Island Pond Corporation Weed
    Management Program

  • Modest contributions to the Loon Preservation Committee and NH Lakes Association education  

  • Programs for students of Pinkerton Academy and Hampstead Middle School, ensuring future stewardship of NH lakes

  • Ongoing FBIP endowment for future generations


Friends of Big Island Pond

PO Box 222

Hampstead, NH 03841





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