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For decades, Big Island Pond has been infested with the invasive weed, Eurasian Milfoil.  Thriving in our environment, Milfoil deteriorates the water quality, aquatic health and safety of our lake.  Beginning with a volunteer effort and now managed by BIPC's Weed Management committee, the Milfoil management program is making strides in controlling the plant.  Friends has provided funding for weed management since it's inception and continues to do so.  NH DES and BIPC also fund the project and together with FBIP, we are getting ahead of the problem.  With continued hard work and investment, we should be able to keep the weed to a manageable level.


Students from Pinkerton Academy Environmental Studies visit three sites on Big Island Pond and Shop Pond to carry out water quality testing twice a year.  As they build the data base of results over several years, they are able to monitor water quality using hand held computers and probes to compare their results to the Volunteer Lake Assessment data carried out monthly in the summer on the lake.  


Hampstead Middle School engages its students in exploration of water and lake conservation with an FBIP grant for water testing.  Students study water and solid samples in the middle school science studies, laying the groundwork for their more sophisticated testing they will do as students at Pinkerton Academy.





Investing in targeted projects such as the Weed Management program, as well as assisting in the education of our local students, Friends is making immediate impact on our lake and creating future stewards of our waters that will carry benefits on for generations.

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